Homeopathy and the Amazing Star Fish

Although this is not Asterias rubens, the red starfish, you get the idea!

When I was diagnosed, I asked that the universe put in my path the people and resources that I needed for healing. I was already working with two wonderful homeopaths, Lyn Farrugia on the east coast and Alize Timmerman in Holland. Lyn had been my homeopath since before I started homeopathy school in 2002, and Alize has become one of my mentors. I’ll write more about her work in a future post. They both were lights during this very difficult time and I so thank them for their healing. When I was doing chemo, between the chemo sessions I would wait for the day when I felt strong enough to get back in the bay and swim. The week I decided to stop the chemo I was walking down to the water to swim and I realized that I should be taking a homeopathic remedy made from a sea creature, as the ocean is such a healing force for me. It popped into my head that I should take Asterias rubens, the remedy made from the red starfish, known for its ability to treat breast cancer. That week I sheepishly called Alize in Holland to tell her I was taking a remedy other than what she had suggested. She told me that she had been meaning to contact me to tell me to tell me to take Asterias. She had done a proving of the remedy years ago, and found that it helps people who have a conflict about nurturing others too much to the detriment of themselves. She said that the shape of the starfish was important – that its vital functions were all located in the center of its body and that this remedy helped people withdraw their energy from over-giving and focus it on nurturing themselves at the center. Several times as I took the remedy I had dreams or visualizations of the movement of my energy from my center out, and my ability to contract my center and send out a ripple of energy, affecting my extremities. Alize said that this remedy helped people put themselves at the center of their lives, which had been the exact phrase I had been using since my diagnosis: that I needed to put myself “at the center of my life.” This is one of the reasons why this cancer arose in my body, because I was not sufficiently valuing myself, and had a pattern of perpetually over-giving to my clients and people in my life. The cancer is teaching me to put me in the center of my life. As I’ve listened to other women with breast cancer, it seems that this impulse is at the core of healing for many of them: learning to put themselves in the center, rather than over-nurturing others and depleting themselves.

Alize Timmerman in Holland: www.hahnemanninstituut.nl

(It probably won’t be possible to get a consult with Alize, but her website has wonderful articles for those who are interested in studying advanced topics in homeopathy and its spiritual aspects.)

Lyn Farrugia in New Jersey: www.lynfarrugiahomeopathy.com

My Homeopathy Websites: www.wholehomeopathy.com,



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