look for signs

For the last few days I’ve been feeling some old despair. I have done all my practices: meditation, yoga, aikido, writing, hiking, talking to friends, and yet the despair has not completely lifted. I know that my practices are making a deeper shifts in my life, but I wanted some kind of outward sign that change was happening. I have also been looking for a new place to live. I love living in West Marin, but in the redwood valley where I live, it can be very dark, so I’m searching for a place with more light. I have been looking for several months and I can’t find the place I envision, which is on the top of a hill with plenty of light and views of the land below. (Having two big dogs makes it even more difficult to find a rental!) So, feeling discouraged last night, I asked the universe for a sign.

This morning my friend and homeopath Lyn Farrugia called to tell me that she had a dream  last night in which I was with her in the Arizona desert. There was light all around me and she knew I was in a very good place.

Sign number one.

Then, as I was driving out to look at an apartment, I saw this:

Sign number two.

Not just the rainbow, but the sign below pointing where to go.

What else do you need?


This is not the first time this has happened. When I was living in Alameda and sick from chemo and needed something to feel hopeful about, I started looking for apartments in West Marin. I found a listing, and though it was more than I could really afford, I decided to drive out and see it.  That morning I drew an animal spirit card to guide me. The card said, “look for signs.” I was thinking along the lines above: rainbows, birds flying in the sky, etc. While I did find a horseshoe on the ground that day in the hills that I have come to love as my home, I also saw a sign on the side of Lucas Valley road that said, “for rent.” Mmm, signs. This place is where I live now.

Ask for what you need.


3 thoughts on “look for signs

  1. Beautiful writing! I shall follow from now on. I write a blog as well. findingmeinfhomeopathy.blogspot.com

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