Water Mother, Ocean Moon

My friend Kathleen just suggested I let spirit guide me to take remedies – bypass my mind in deciding which. At this point, what have I got to lose?

I just got this email from my friend Yayoi, in which she describes why she thinks I should take a “jellyfish” remedy. She is not a homeopath; her words:

I was still feeling/ sensing your spirit gesture or something. Next day, I remember I was driving, thinking of you, then the image of a jellyfish came ( at first I had to look for the English word for it because it came with the Japanese name, which is Kurage. By the way, just right now I checked a Japanese dictionary for the Chinese characters for a jellyfish/Kurage. There are two ways to write Kurage in the Chinese characters: one way is literary translated it means “Water Mother” or ” Mother Water” , the other one means “Ocean Moon”. I think that’s very interesting.) Then, I realized what I saw at your [aikido] test was the jellyfish qualities. 
So what did I see? Let me try my best to articulate.
Your movement looks to me to have lots of water quality. We talked about the swirling/ lots of little spirals especially around your lower body before. But even with your upper body movement, which shows in the style you talked about having learned from your old dojo, for example, you have the quality of soft circle, roundness, which remind me of the form of a jellyfish. . . .
Through how you moved through the space in your test, how you stay expansive and kept moving, never stay contracted, I received the impression that as if the space was permeated by this substance with even quality, like water. ( see if it is air, then there are spots with higher density and lower density. Water is even, very generous in that way. Do you get what I mean? The water greets everything equal.) 
I hope you will not take in a wrong way, the way you moved with the people i.e; the obstacles was jelly fish in the water like. I could also put my interpretation of ” all I wanna do is just keep dancing” narratives there.
Then your reaction after the test. I was struck by how strongly and intensely you took on the criticism for your Aikido techniques, which I recall you said ” I felt” when we talked and now I am not sure it was real feedback or your imagined criticism. But that will certainly fit in the story line of ” the world don’t get it”, doesn’t it? 
Lastly, I can see you want just to be beautiful like the pure soul of animals. 
 By the way, jellyfish called Medusa? interesting. There is some big symbolism there.
So I just took Chironex Fleckeri, the box jellyfish. My other choice was “Medusa,” Aurelia aurita, but I felt drawn to Chronex.
Here is what I felt:
First a deep, sinking heaviness in my heart; the pressure you feel when you dive deep, deep deep underwater, the pressure that feels like too much for your body. I stayed with it. Then it started to move downwards. Soon my heart felt lighter but the area just below my sternum that has been burning/stinging for many months now was really burning stinging. Stayed with it. Then it felt less, and then my abdomen burning/stinging, as it has been in the middle of the night, but more, and then less, and then down to my bladder, burning stinging, and then I got up to pee, and it was less.
Here are some words I now read from the description of the remedy:
“light and blissful or heavy and dark moods”
stinging, burning, congestion, constriction, floating, stabbing, cramping
better by the sea shore
delusion he is incorporeal light. Someone is whispering to him. Of being a failure.”
I wish that free wordpress users got more choice in how they formatted these things.
My biggest fear right now is pain, future pain. Burning/stinging is how I have described the cancer pain from the first time I felt it, several years ago. Water Mother, Ocean Moon, may you be a guide.
Chironex Fleckeri

One thought on “Water Mother, Ocean Moon

  1. water mother, ocean moon
    makes sense

    wishing you pain-free

    thanks for sharing your journey dear one

    love to you

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