moldavite dreams

Last week I went to the bay area for some appointments. David and I stayed with my friends Jenny and Lori. Jenny gave me this moldavite pendulum. After Jenny had started wearing a moldavite pendant, she was visited during the night by her dear dog who had passed. This was the first time since her passing that her dog reappeared, and it was with great love and reassurance that she came. Jenny told me that moldavite reconnects you to your spirit guides. It was created by the impact of a giant meteor in Bavaria 15 million years ago.


I put the pendant in my pocket for the rest of the evening, and when I went to bed I put it my the side of the bed. That night I had two dreams.

first dream:

I am in a restaurant with friends who are organizing a series of events and appointments for my healing. As the friends go off to set things up, this woman appears at the table and asks if I would like “a treatment.” She has blonde/red hair with a pageboy cut. She sets up this water machine and hooks me up to it.  I don’t think much of her having appeared and go on to pursue the friends’ appointments.

The next day I am in the same restaurant waiting for my friends who have again gone off to set up the healers I will see that day. The same lady appears with her water machine and asks if I would like a treatment. I study her face, which is both old and young at the same time; her skin flushes apricot, just glows, and today her hair is auburn. She asks me if I want “two or three adrenals,” referring to the treatment, and I say,

“I’ll take three!” She says,

“There, there dear, you don’t need all that. We don’t want to bring up more fear; adrenals are fear you know!”

Then I ask if she can do anything for my gall bladder and she says, “Yes.”

At that point I woke up and cried for joy at the love and comfort I felt from this healer. In the middle of the night I resume my practice of recalling old resentments and this time, she holds my hand as I face the resentments that had been too big to hold with compassion previously. She shows me what I need to do to move through them. I then go back to sleep and have the

second dream:

I am at a gathering for my healing. Many friends have come. We are figuring out the schedule of who will see me when. An old boyfriend who had treated my badly arrives and wants to see me, but I tell him my schedule is full; the only time to see me is now, and three people are already shuffling to see me at this time. I see that he now understands how loved and important I am and realizes that he cannot take me for granted.

We go to an outdoor meeting spot surrounded by trailers and friends continue to arrive. I am so touched they have come. I wave to an old girlfriend who is there with her new girlfriend. There are many lesbian friends from long ago who now have kids; there are children everywhere. I see a woman who had dressed butch now wearing dansko clogs, which somehow symbolizes her position as a mother now. Another meeting is going to take place, but in order to get there we all have to find a fire ring or barbecue pit to go through.  I see many people climbing through these fireplaces as I descend through the one I have chosen.

On the other side there is a party. These plump, white women have been cooking all week for the gathering; each day they made a different broth. They have made “barn broth,” “snake broth” and “fish broth,” to name a few. Everyone is sitting near the brick fireplaces where these women cook. It is a healing meeting for me. An older dark-skinned woman starts singing this beautiful song. There is a slight pause in her singing and immediately I open my mouth and out comes this response, completely on pitch, and creative, rilling up and down- I seem to sing forever on one breath! After a very long run of notes I stop and everyone claps. More and more older black women are meeting each other there, so happy to see each other. I realize that the party will go on and on, and that it is convened for my healing.

That morning I woke up, amazed that the moldavite had worked so quickly!







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